Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kenya Airways introduces $999 (KSh. 86,000) offer to Dubai, HongKong and Guangzhou

You can now fly to Dubai, HongKong and Guangzhou for KSh. 85,000
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Kenya Airways has unveiled a new travel package that is tailored for traders that will see them visit three cities in the Middle East and the Far East  at a special fare of US$999 to all three.

Under the ‘Green City Promotion’ that is valid until end of September, traders can travel from the airline’s Nairobi hub to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou in China.

The package was unveiled during a recent traders’ forum held in Eastleigh, Nairobi. Speaking during the event, Kenya Airways’ area manager Albert Abwoga said the airline was keen to provide the best travel services to traders in these markets.

“This gesture is meant to appreciate traders, who have been our key customers and partners in encouraging sustainable development over the last 36 years of our operations,” Mr Abwoga added.

The traders’ forum was meant to interact and understand their travel patterns and some of the destinations that are important to them as well as develop packages that are suited to their needs.

Mr Abwoga stated that in its efforts to deliver a world-class experience for its customers, the airline is constantly exploring new routes and adjusting frequencies on existing destinations to suit their needs.

The Middle East and Far East regions are emerging as key destinations for traders. The ‘Green City Promotion’ comes as the airline prepares to launch direct flights to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates from July 1, 2013.